Redpath is recognized as a global leader in shaft sinking and freeze shafts

500+ Shafts And 200+ Km Of Shaft Sunk
Successful Track Record With 2nd Generation SBR
4th Generation Hydraulic Excavator Being Developed
Wireless Technologies & Protocols Enhance Safety And Productivity
Eight boom jumbo operating underground.

From concept to commissioning, we combine our global competencies and skills with innovative techniques, regulatory knowledge, regional expertise and cultural sensitivity. Our engineering teams continuously strive to bring new benchmark sinking applications to the forefront throughout the world.

Recent developments focus on making our systems safer, more productive and easier for training purposes. Improved monitoring and communication capabilities between field teams and home office through a variety of wireless applications have also been standardized.


Examples of innovative approaches focusing on design and methodologies include:
hydraulic mucking unit
Wireless Systems
including POV-video "smart glasses" enabling remote access
curb ring
Galloway with Moveable Deck
to accommodate complex shaft liner installations

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