Long-held principles continue to shape our company

Redpath’s founder, Jim Redpath, formulated the company’s philosophy at an early stage. The philosophy derived from his belief that the focus of every employee must be on doing a good job for the client. To this date, this fundamental principle is present on every worksite and in every corporate communication. All projects are viewed through the lens of how a decision or action will affect both the client and the company. The philosophy and guidelines are cited in decision-making, quoted in publications and pointed to in discussions. They continue to shape our organization.


Foremost among the “Guidelines for Success” established for our employees is this simple principle; “We are honest, fair and responsible.” This approach, coupled with the equally important declaration: “We work by our principles of safety first, last and always” establishes the firm foundation which we, the modern Redpath, continue to build our organization on. It defines how we deal with our clients, employees, business partners and other stakeholders in the projects we undertake and in the countries in which we work.

Since 1962, Redpath has maintained the following four commitments:
a level of service to the mining industry which exceeds normally accepted standards.
a desire in the industry for our continuing services.
scope and challenges for our employees.
growth in order to provide a high level of service to the industry.