May 13, 2024
RUC Joins Redpath Australia
Redpath's logo on the left and RUC's logo on the right.

In March, it was announced that Redpath (Australia) Holdings Pty Ltd (Redpath), a wholly owned subsidiary of Redpath Mining Inc., had signed a share purchase agreement to acquire RUC Mining Contractors Pty Ltd (RUC). We are pleased to share that this acquisition has received regulatory approval, and RUC has now formally joined the Redpath business.  

We are taking a phased approach to this integration, and Redpath and RUC are committed to ensuring there is no disruption to project operations as we transition towards operating as one business. 

We are excited to define the Redpath of the future, harnessing the value that the RUC business brings. We are looking forward to bringing our expanded range of services and capabilities to market, and providing more growth and learning opportunities for our employees.  

Safety – First, Last and Always remains our number one priority as we work through the integration process.